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this and that…from lizards to laundry!

Okay…so now you know I’m weired…LOL

I like those little creatures as seen here

and in my other post below (the scaly lizard)!

I don’t wanna touch ’em, I just like to look!

And what I am SO excited about—laundry!

Did I say I was excited about doing laundry??? LOL Well, YES!

Mind you, I like doing laundry, hanging the clothes

on the line to dry, folding, ironing and the whole 9 yards!

But this new detergent I just got has made washing the

clothes even more scrumptious than ever before!

It’s made by Tyler Candle Company and it comes in all sorts of delicious fragrances.

My favorites are High Maintenance, Diva, Kathina and French Market!

I have some of their candles in these scents and I just love them.

The laundry room smells nice, the whole house smells nice,

and I don’t even have to wear perfume while

wearing the clothes that were washed in it!

Sitting on the porch is dreamy while the clothes

are hanging on the line, the smell in the air is just heavenly!

I just has to rave about this! I love it!

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