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What’s a domestic engineer to do without the tools of her trade?

I’ve had a bit of an aggravating day with my washing machine being broken for a FEW days now…My husband finally decided to work on it and couldn’t find the problem, and we had an extra washer in the shop, so he and our son and nephew moved the old one out and put the other in…It seemed fiine with the trial run, and a small load of clothes, but on a larger load it ALSO started leaking water!! I’m disgruntled to say the least…I know I could get a new washer out of the deal, but I’m fine with any washer that would work, really! And not to mention save a few hundred dollars! But I’m leaving it up to my husband and the Good Lord! Whatever comes of the situation, I’ll be happy! As long as I can start washing clothes again soon….LOL
Am I in a bad mood?? hmmm
Well, probably. Over the past few weeks my washer, oven and vacuum cleaner have broke! What’s a domestic engineer to do without the tools of her trade? It’s like asking a carpenter to go to work without his saws, hammers and measuring tape…LOL
I’ll be okay, really!


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