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a few more pics from our trip to bogota…

The pictures aren’t “great” as I had a very shaky hand while there. I was sick almost the entire time! Anyway…these are some great people I met there and who are part of our family now!


Rosita and Lee Anna

Rafael, Corrina and Mateo


Lety, Rosita and my husband 

Luisa, Marcos, Gabriela, Marcos and Mateo ; )

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Around the homestead and beyond…


picture-075.jpg picture-007.jpg

Old iron bedstead we had refinished.

A pot of collards fresh from the garden.

picture-012.jpg picture-013.jpg

Choctaw Indian Fair


“Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians”

picture-023.jpg picture-024.jpg

Native Crafts: Basketmaking


Pretty Carousel


One hundred year old store.

We had a very busy weekend traveling from one end of the state to the other, two days in a row…first northward, then south. It was raining on our trip to the coast, so I didn’t get any pics.

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