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girly things…

Tell me some things you do to feel feminine and girly?

Curl your hair?

Wear perfume?

Wear makeup?

Wear dresses and skirts?

You tell me!

I live in a house full of men….My husband, son and another son who is going to get married next month. Also their friends are here frequently…It is SO hard to keep up with “feminine” things with this kind of environment, if you know what I mean? LOL

It’s a constant battle to pamper myself, take time to do girly things, etc…. It’s so easy to just go with the flow and let myself go!

Help!! I need some inspiration!!


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kitchen, tomatoes, broom trick, little dish soap apron…



  • *tomatoes from the garden to make salsa
  • *broom trick…my broom was warped?! so I wet it and placed this heavy pot full of water on it for a little while and now it is flattened again.
  • *cute little dish soap apron I found at a flea market…actually, the label said it was a “coke apron”….I bought 2 of them. It also had a strange looking carrier type thing sewn into 3 layers with 4 ties on it, with trianglular shaped pockets between the 3 layers…Anybody know what that might be? It matched the aprons, but we couldn’t figure out what is was, and it was a bit too expensive so I didn’t buy it.
  • *I’ve started gathering my blue and turquoise things for decorating the kitchen, and thought they looked cute in the kitchen window…
  • *A corner in my kitchen full of my aprons, and other vintage items such as Fiesta bowls, metalware cobbler pan, yellow rack of some sort with cup hooks on it.
  • *my only “tea set”…It is a “display only” set undoubtedly, as I figured this out when it started making a crackling sound when I poured hot water into it!

I’d best get busy with supper: grilled salmon, baked potaotes and salad…I’ll also start making my salsa tonight or in the morning? We’ve been at the doctor today. Our son has got thyroid problems and had some more blood tests run. This explains a lot of the problems he’s been having.

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this and that…from lizards to laundry!

Okay…so now you know I’m weired…LOL

I like those little creatures as seen here

and in my other post below (the scaly lizard)!

I don’t wanna touch ’em, I just like to look!

And what I am SO excited about—laundry!

Did I say I was excited about doing laundry??? LOL Well, YES!

Mind you, I like doing laundry, hanging the clothes

on the line to dry, folding, ironing and the whole 9 yards!

But this new detergent I just got has made washing the

clothes even more scrumptious than ever before!

It’s made by Tyler Candle Company and it comes in all sorts of delicious fragrances.

My favorites are High Maintenance, Diva, Kathina and French Market!

I have some of their candles in these scents and I just love them.

The laundry room smells nice, the whole house smells nice,

and I don’t even have to wear perfume while

wearing the clothes that were washed in it!

Sitting on the porch is dreamy while the clothes

are hanging on the line, the smell in the air is just heavenly!

I just has to rave about this! I love it!

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lunch that turned into supper…

I made lunch today for the men folk, but they didn’t show up…hmmm They’re working about 10 miles from home, so I figured they would come home, but they must be trying to finish the job. So, I’ve got supper already prepared…LOL

I made a tuna pasta casserole, garlic toast, baked potatoes and a green salad.

I had a VERY large can of tuna that will make 3-4 meals. I froze what was left for later. I boiled large shell noodles, drained, added a can of cream of chicken soup, a can of mixed veggies, about a cup and 1/2 tuna, and mixed it all well. Poured into larger casserole dish, topped with grated cheddar cheese, crumbled saltine crackers that I had mixed with melted butter. Broiled in the oven until golden brown. LOL I love the cooking term golden brown. If you’ve read many of my recipes, it is a commonly used term in my cooking! ;)

The weather has cooled off again. And I thought spring was here! Well it is, officially! Today is the first day of spring…. But you know the weather, it has a mind of its own! So we have a fire going…Nice and cozy inside – sun is shining, but cool outdoors.


I had the pleasure of hanging out clothes on the line yesterday! I just love the fresh smell of sheets that have been dried outdoors. I also opened the windows and aired out the bedroom, also aired the pillows and quilts outside.


A lovely weekend ahead! May you be blessed!

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patterns, aprons and articles info

I have Paisley Pincushion apron, gown, quilt, work frock and other patterns on my website…(FREE SHIPPING) Ladies and girls sizes in most of them. I also have 8 Vintage aprons for sale! Free shipping as well…Link below.

prairieroselg.jpg prariepointdresslg.jpg

~Samples of two of the patterns~

I’m working on adding articles as well….old and new! Lots of goodies!

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I’m fine, I’m fine, Oh I’m just fine…really!

I now understand again, (and remember how it was way back when)….when we were trying to put our heads together and come up with a PLAN!! Here I am all pink roses and cottage charming, and my husband is all natural wood, no painting!! and rustic charm???? Well as you can guess we haven’t really gotten very far from the planning stages yet…..Oh MY!! I want what I want and he wants what he wants, but we are both willing to give in—-to some degree. So, I said wood is fine as long as I can paint it white, and the walls pink…Yes! A scrumptious pink paint that I found HERE…I couldn’t borrow any of her copyrighted pics to show you so you’ll have to go over there and drool over them….LOL Well………..He’s agreed to the pink paint, but not on his LUMBER….lol so now he’s off to get sheetrock for the new wall he just built, here:

kitchenremodel-001.jpg kitchenremodel-002.jpg

If we can agree to agree and compromise, we’ll be getting it done a lot sooner…And I do have to give him credit where it is due, ladies-he has taken off from work, he has had very little help, he’s also a perfectionist who refuses to do anything halfway or make-do…which I’m terribly good at. When I want something I don’t care how standard it is or if it is by the book….kwim? On the other hand he is generationally rooted in whatever painstaken effort it takes to get it done “just so”…No short-cuts for this man!! And in the end I’ll be grateful I know!

Ladies it might seem too minor a thing to ask, but would you pray for us to come to some sort of agreement on this project?? I am so grateful for a hardwoking husband! I’m willing to bend to a certain degree, really! I honestly didn’t want the wall where it is at, but I let him choose. I can live with it…and I’ll find some way to make it work.

The saga will continue as I have time to get away from the frenzy of work going on. Between cooking on a hot plate and having my little schedule turned upside down, I’m actually enjoying the changes….We all need a little change in plans at times to keep from getting so SET in our ways….lol What a dull life it would be if we didn’t…

I can’t wait to share more pics as they become available!!

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Fall is in the air…




The happiness of the domestic fireside is the first boon in heaven. ~Thomas Jefferson

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