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something on my mind…

For a few days I’ve been pondering this, and finally have the thoughts worked out enough that I’m going to go for it! If this steps on toes, so be it.

On the program for a meeting my husband and I attended Tuesday night, we were presented as “Bro. & Ms.”…No I didn’t say anything to the editor or chief about this….LOL But, I am a Mrs. I became a Mrs. 33 years ago (October 3rd to be exact…LOL). I never had or will have the desire to be called by something I am not, and that is Ms. MS represents a generation of women who did not want to be known or recognized as a married woman, or an unmarried woman ie Mrs. or Miss. I truly have not studied this at all. I just know what I think I know from years of seeing feminist women use this title.

I’m having Deja Vu here writing this…I don’t know why. Anyway, there was one older woman who had the title of Mrs., so it is a little confusing to me why all the other married women were titled as Ms. Is it because we were younger? (trying to see this from another perspective) Is there something I’m missing here? The editor of the program (secretary?) was a woman, perhaps an evangelical feminist, not really sure but it looks that way to me. I’ve written before how feminism has seeped into all facets of our lives, and this is just one more example. SHOULD I say something, expressing my views and reasons for my viewpoint? Should I let it slide? Is this the perfect chance to voice my opinion about a subject near and dear to my heart? Will I possibly invite criticism by doing so? I can be very brave at times. I started a whole new way of thinking by ladies in several area churches by wearing long dresses all the time to morning services, night services, shopping, and everywhere I went! It didn’t take long for this to catch on for some though, and I am happy I planted those little seeds. But what will this topic do? These are board members/workers/employees for the local church mission association. I just feel I cannot let this go. I have a mission HERE too! I am FEMININE, hear me roar!!!!!!!!! With my heart racing and a sneaky little look in my eye……………………I’ll keep you posted!

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this and that…from lizards to laundry!

Okay…so now you know I’m weired…LOL

I like those little creatures as seen here

and in my other post below (the scaly lizard)!

I don’t wanna touch ’em, I just like to look!

And what I am SO excited about—laundry!

Did I say I was excited about doing laundry??? LOL Well, YES!

Mind you, I like doing laundry, hanging the clothes

on the line to dry, folding, ironing and the whole 9 yards!

But this new detergent I just got has made washing the

clothes even more scrumptious than ever before!

It’s made by Tyler Candle Company and it comes in all sorts of delicious fragrances.

My favorites are High Maintenance, Diva, Kathina and French Market!

I have some of their candles in these scents and I just love them.

The laundry room smells nice, the whole house smells nice,

and I don’t even have to wear perfume while

wearing the clothes that were washed in it!

Sitting on the porch is dreamy while the clothes

are hanging on the line, the smell in the air is just heavenly!

I just has to rave about this! I love it!

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new beginning


Here we are in 2008…A new year full of hope! When we don’t have goals and dreams we just exist. Is that what we want to do? There is a certain happiness in living simply, being satisfied with what we have, and taking delight in everyday joys. But don’t put off changing the things you need to change, bettering yourself, getting healthy, and making your life as enjoyable as possible. Take small steps toward those goals. Don’t overload and overwhelm yourself, if you are the type to give up easily – just take it one day at a time. Of course if you are the type to make big changes and stay with them—-go for it!! If you are the type to just push yourself too far, with that superwoman/supermom frame of mind then by all means slow down and smell the roses before you go over the edge!

Pray about your goals and ask for guidance every day. If you need help don’t be afraid to ask for it. Stop being negative and by all means quit procrastinating.

Let’s take care of ourselves and learn how to glow from the inside out!

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Got money???

How does $4.10 a gallon sound to you?


We thought this was high? Now it has gone up to $4.39 a gallon for store brands and $4.95 for name brands here! My family loves milk, what can I do? Buy a cow?


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yogurt.jpg … when you aren’t “regular” you really aren’t healthy…Plus the probiotics are necessary for a proper flora balance. When out of proportion — sickness results!

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A good webpage on preventing Menigitis…While I don’t support vaccinations for this, basically because I haven’t researched the side-effects, these are still some very good tips and general information.

Our granddaughter had this when she was 6 years old and nearly died from it, but thank God she was only left with a slight hearing problem afterwards.

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