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feminine fall by gaylynn

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Mary Ann

How many of you remember Dawn Wells, who played Mary Ann on Gilligan’s Island? Well, during a search for floral cotton jumpers, I was so excited to have found this website!


Her whole website is so nice, so be sure and click on the HOME link at the bottom of the page as well as look at the nice comfortable/modest clothing she has for sale. There are recipes there as well, ladies!


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Thrift store treasures!


Small lamp and bunnies…


Tea cups (from a previous trip)…


4 cup perculator…If this little treasure tears up, I’ll be on a mission to find another one just like it! It is the quickest one I’ve found yet!


A gorgeous rag rug…

I’m so happy with my new little play pretties!

I can now play house to my hearts content…

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Out & About

I had a wonderful day Friday! We went to the doctor—that went very well! Then we went shopping for groceries and ran into “many” friends, and even a long-lost relative I haven’t seen in years! I got his address and phone number…We’ll be visiting him soon. He is in his 70’s or 80’s, but has always lived with his mother until she died a few years ago. He is a bachelor and a very sweet person. He has had a speech impediment and certain minor mental disabilities all of his life, but has managed very well on his own for several years now. We were told he went to live with another relative but he didn’t.

I don’t usually shop on busy days at the bigger grocery store, but I’m glad I did yesterday!

I wanted to post a few links for some favorite cleaning products, herbal products and also various other things I’ve come to love over the years.


Pink Zote soap! (Thanks Traci for cueing me on to this!) I love the smell, it is very similar to the smell of Murphy Oil Soap. And of course I love the color!

Very hard to find! I finally found it at

For more info:


Another product that is hard to find locally is Arm & Hammer Washing Soda. I have ordered it twice from Amazon, but I won’t do that again, after having to pay $13.45 for the s&h…It only cost $2.29!

Arm & Hammer Baking Soda

Nutribiotic…They have several products, but I’ve only tried the Nasal Spray. It works! The main ingredient: grapefruit seed extract.

I have to get busy, as usual! No rest for the weary! lol


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It’s Friday

My Mantle


The week has flown by! I will do some shopping this afternoon and run a few errands. I woke up feeling not up to par, but hopefully I’ll feel better if I move around. The cold weather isn’t helping matters…I move very slowly! LOL

I made oatmeal this morning, made my husband’s usual morning drink of orange juice, a whole orange, an egg, ginger and vinegar.

lemon2.gif I fixed my morning lemon water and honey-I drank most of it, some mornings I just can’t drink it at all… I got dressed and I’ve been keeping the fire going, reading emails and finding some things I need online that I can’t find in the local stores. For instance: Washing Soda, Zote laundry soap bars, steel ground oats, whole grains, whole grain bread mixes and Tea Tree Oil. I would have to drive approx. 30 miles one way to look for or find these items, and still might not be able to find them… So it is much simpler for me to just buy them online instead of running around town searching.

Now I’ll go to the store for all the other things i need:

Organic milk and other dairy products, organic eggs, vitamins, herbs, oranges, other fruit, juices, cereals, real butter, meats, frozen or fresh veggies and salad makings.

I buy some things in bulk so I have to shop for them less often: Basmati rice, canned items, olive oil, coffee and household supplies such as toilet tissue, paper towels, coffee filters, soap, etc.

It makes shopping much easier and doesn’t take as much time, money or thought!



Mrs. Gaylynn 

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