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Virtuous Woman Bible Study, Part 3

Bible study thought: strength (she is strong physically, emotionally and spiritually)  smiles at the future (she is confident!), doesn’t neglect out appearance—because she has dignity. She also has dignity because she is strong, confident, and strives for these and all the other virtues…I might also add that when we focus on home and all the things we need to do to make it a haven for our husband and children, strength and dignity will be our REWARD…Strength will be a by-product of our activity. Dignity will be a by-product of our strength, and also our accomplishments.
How can we feel dignified without the desire and knowing we have done the best we could to accomplish whatever needs to be accomplished for ourself, in our daily lives, home, maternal and wifely duties? NOT necessarily in that order! If our focus is husband, children, and home – we will work toward perfection in those areas. If our focus is somewhere else, on other things, on other people, on things, then that is where we will strive for perfection. That is where we’ll put all of our energy and we’ll somehow let our husband, children and home come last.
Assignment: Really determine – where is your FOCUS? If our focus is our husband, children, and home—and you’re still having problems….Then what is your ATTITUDE about it all? Where is your HEART? What’s in your HEART?

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