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Virtuous Woman Bible Study, Part 3

Bible study thought: strength (she is strong physically, emotionally and spiritually)  smiles at the future (she is confident!), doesn’t neglect out appearance—because she has dignity. She also has dignity because she is strong, confident, and strives for these and all the other virtues…I might also add that when we focus on home and all the things we need to do to make it a haven for our husband and children, strength and dignity will be our REWARD…Strength will be a by-product of our activity. Dignity will be a by-product of our strength, and also our accomplishments.
How can we feel dignified without the desire and knowing we have done the best we could to accomplish whatever needs to be accomplished for ourself, in our daily lives, home, maternal and wifely duties? NOT necessarily in that order! If our focus is husband, children, and home – we will work toward perfection in those areas. If our focus is somewhere else, on other things, on other people, on things, then that is where we will strive for perfection. That is where we’ll put all of our energy and we’ll somehow let our husband, children and home come last.
Assignment: Really determine – where is your FOCUS? If our focus is our husband, children, and home—and you’re still having problems….Then what is your ATTITUDE about it all? Where is your HEART? What’s in your HEART?

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Does God want women to stay at home?

Your comment welcome on this remark/question found in the article:

“For one thing, if women’s role as nurturer and housekeeper is written into the divinely ordained scheme of things, why should something so very natural need to be taught to them? Shouldn’t these skills be innate? And mightn’t they best be taught in the context of the home, not the classroom?”

I could write so much on this topic, and probably get too carried away and maybe fall off my soapbox…lol, so I’ll leave it to YOU to comment…


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this and that…from lizards to laundry!

Okay…so now you know I’m weired…LOL

I like those little creatures as seen here

and in my other post below (the scaly lizard)!

I don’t wanna touch ’em, I just like to look!

And what I am SO excited about—laundry!

Did I say I was excited about doing laundry??? LOL Well, YES!

Mind you, I like doing laundry, hanging the clothes

on the line to dry, folding, ironing and the whole 9 yards!

But this new detergent I just got has made washing the

clothes even more scrumptious than ever before!

It’s made by Tyler Candle Company and it comes in all sorts of delicious fragrances.

My favorites are High Maintenance, Diva, Kathina and French Market!

I have some of their candles in these scents and I just love them.

The laundry room smells nice, the whole house smells nice,

and I don’t even have to wear perfume while

wearing the clothes that were washed in it!

Sitting on the porch is dreamy while the clothes

are hanging on the line, the smell in the air is just heavenly!

I just has to rave about this! I love it!

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lunch that turned into supper…

I made lunch today for the men folk, but they didn’t show up…hmmm They’re working about 10 miles from home, so I figured they would come home, but they must be trying to finish the job. So, I’ve got supper already prepared…LOL

I made a tuna pasta casserole, garlic toast, baked potatoes and a green salad.

I had a VERY large can of tuna that will make 3-4 meals. I froze what was left for later. I boiled large shell noodles, drained, added a can of cream of chicken soup, a can of mixed veggies, about a cup and 1/2 tuna, and mixed it all well. Poured into larger casserole dish, topped with grated cheddar cheese, crumbled saltine crackers that I had mixed with melted butter. Broiled in the oven until golden brown. LOL I love the cooking term golden brown. If you’ve read many of my recipes, it is a commonly used term in my cooking! ;)

The weather has cooled off again. And I thought spring was here! Well it is, officially! Today is the first day of spring…. But you know the weather, it has a mind of its own! So we have a fire going…Nice and cozy inside – sun is shining, but cool outdoors.


I had the pleasure of hanging out clothes on the line yesterday! I just love the fresh smell of sheets that have been dried outdoors. I also opened the windows and aired out the bedroom, also aired the pillows and quilts outside.


A lovely weekend ahead! May you be blessed!

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What’s a domestic engineer to do without the tools of her trade?

I’ve had a bit of an aggravating day with my washing machine being broken for a FEW days now…My husband finally decided to work on it and couldn’t find the problem, and we had an extra washer in the shop, so he and our son and nephew moved the old one out and put the other in…It seemed fiine with the trial run, and a small load of clothes, but on a larger load it ALSO started leaking water!! I’m disgruntled to say the least…I know I could get a new washer out of the deal, but I’m fine with any washer that would work, really! And not to mention save a few hundred dollars! But I’m leaving it up to my husband and the Good Lord! Whatever comes of the situation, I’ll be happy! As long as I can start washing clothes again soon….LOL
Am I in a bad mood?? hmmm
Well, probably. Over the past few weeks my washer, oven and vacuum cleaner have broke! What’s a domestic engineer to do without the tools of her trade? It’s like asking a carpenter to go to work without his saws, hammers and measuring tape…LOL
I’ll be okay, really!


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Homemade Baking Powder

    I found this recipe in Victoria magazine years ago:


  • 2 tablespoons cream of tartar
  •  1 tablespoon baking soda
  • 1 tablespoon cornstarch

You can also make larger batches using parts: 2 parts cream of tartar, 1 part baking soda, 1 part cornstarch. (1/2 cup, 1/4 cup, 1/4 cup)

 I LOVE Victoria magazine, but I don’t think you’ll find anything like this in the newer one…lol

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These are the kind of leftovers I Fabric!




I’ve nearly completed the middle section of the apron. then I’ll work on the side pieces….this pattern is quite cute! I did do a little bit of my own designing here, as the pattern called for organdy where I have the gingham, and fabric where I have the lace panels….I had to do this because of the amount of fabric and lace I had leftover from the nightgown project. I just swapped where these went. I think it’ll work this way…


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