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kitchen, tomatoes, broom trick, little dish soap apron…



  • *tomatoes from the garden to make salsa
  • *broom trick…my broom was warped?! so I wet it and placed this heavy pot full of water on it for a little while and now it is flattened again.
  • *cute little dish soap apron I found at a flea market…actually, the label said it was a “coke apron”….I bought 2 of them. It also had a strange looking carrier type thing sewn into 3 layers with 4 ties on it, with trianglular shaped pockets between the 3 layers…Anybody know what that might be? It matched the aprons, but we couldn’t figure out what is was, and it was a bit too expensive so I didn’t buy it.
  • *I’ve started gathering my blue and turquoise things for decorating the kitchen, and thought they looked cute in the kitchen window…
  • *A corner in my kitchen full of my aprons, and other vintage items such as Fiesta bowls, metalware cobbler pan, yellow rack of some sort with cup hooks on it.
  • *my only “tea set”…It is a “display only” set undoubtedly, as I figured this out when it started making a crackling sound when I poured hot water into it!

I’d best get busy with supper: grilled salmon, baked potaotes and salad…I’ll also start making my salsa tonight or in the morning? We’ve been at the doctor today. Our son has got thyroid problems and had some more blood tests run. This explains a lot of the problems he’s been having.

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this and that…from lizards to laundry!

Okay…so now you know I’m weired…LOL

I like those little creatures as seen here

and in my other post below (the scaly lizard)!

I don’t wanna touch ’em, I just like to look!

And what I am SO excited about—laundry!

Did I say I was excited about doing laundry??? LOL Well, YES!

Mind you, I like doing laundry, hanging the clothes

on the line to dry, folding, ironing and the whole 9 yards!

But this new detergent I just got has made washing the

clothes even more scrumptious than ever before!

It’s made by Tyler Candle Company and it comes in all sorts of delicious fragrances.

My favorites are High Maintenance, Diva, Kathina and French Market!

I have some of their candles in these scents and I just love them.

The laundry room smells nice, the whole house smells nice,

and I don’t even have to wear perfume while

wearing the clothes that were washed in it!

Sitting on the porch is dreamy while the clothes

are hanging on the line, the smell in the air is just heavenly!

I just has to rave about this! I love it!

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pics for the week

pink honesuckle on the pond japanese snowball

giant purple iris

old-fashion white iris

red lilies and rosemary scaly lizard

Pictures taken in the yard and at the pond.

These are from calm moments over the past 2 weeks…

Lots going on, prayers appreciated!


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spring is in the air, again…

Springtime seems to be teasing us! We’ll have gorgoeus spring weather, then another cold snap…Well all of the bleak weather was about to get to me….I usually can find and appreciate beauty in all the seasons but have a hard time in winter, having SADD, I think it’s called. We’ve also been having some family problems which doesn’t help much. Mix that with PMS and/or the big M, and you’ve got trouble.


I know I sound very pessimistic at times, and I don’t like that, but it’s there nonetheless. Trials and tribulations seem to be never ending at times. I keep thinking about the line in Anne of Green Gables where Marilla tells Anne that “to despair is to turn your back on God”… So how could I possibly feel that way and let it linger!


So what do I do about it? I have found various methods over the years to pick myself up by the apron strings and get moving, forget about my woes, and get on with it! First I read some scripture and pray, I give thanks for even the negative things, knowing that God will certainly bring about good from it. Second, I don’t sit around and moan about it for very long. I do not wish to wallow in the mire for long. I get a nice cup of tea, I put on my apron and work. whether in the house or in the yard, if weather permits. Having warm, sunny, beautiful days are an extra blessing!


Well, I bought some new plants this morning at the feed store where I take our son to go get feed for the horses. They had lots of new plants and it was very inspiring to see the blooms everywhere! I bought some beautiful deep purple Salvia, and a big pot of Iris and Trailing Verbena to match them. Also, some Purslane and Lobelia for my herb bed. I hope they will all be safe to plant since we keep having the freezing weather. I am getting the spring fever to make everything look pretty once again, but it will be a real chore because my yard is a mess, my porches are a disaster, and it will take a lot of hard work getting everything back in order once again. This is a biannual thing I do is to clean porches and windows. I usually dread it, but it cheers me up in the end, so I need to get after it.


Like I said, we have horses, and tracking in and out around the barn and house has brought some little surprises to our doorstep—-we have white clover (from the hay)growing in the front yard, all around the porch, steps, and sidewalk! I hate to mow the grass now! In fact, it seems that all sorts of wildflowers and flowers that I’ve planted over the years are taking off and popping up in various places around the house! I have tons of Pink Oxalis, Johnny Jump-Ups, ivy :0 (it has become a nuisance really, choking out other plants), just to name a few! The White Iris is in full bloom and so pretty, my pansies survived the freezing temps and are back blooming again. I could go on and on listing all the different flowers…..My son borrowed my camera again, but when he gives it back I’ll post some pictures. After a little rest and lunch, I’m getting out in the sunshine and getting busy. 

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planting taters…

My son and I planted 2 rows of red potatoes…Back breaking work if you’re not use to exerting yourself…hmm Well I have been walking on the treadmill for a couple weeks, 15 minutes every other day which is more than I have done in awhile. So, I am tired to say the least.





And I have plenty of dewberries and blackberries to look forward to in a couple of months! The ground is white with the blooms all around the fields, down in the woods, and along the roadsides!

 “And sow the fields, and plant vineyards, which may yield fruits of increase.” Psalms 107:37

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I’ve spent the morning doctoring my son’s foot and leg (injuries from kick starting his dirt bike) a gash in his leg and a terribly swelled foot. He’s sleeping now…


I also was surprised to find a bunch of pecans on the ground this morning! Our trees haven’t been doing this well in years! It’s a wonder the blue jays, crows and squirrels didn’t find them before I did!


This afternoon, Lord willing, I’m planting our fall garden, well starting it. I have cabbage, brussel sprouts, 2 types of lettuce, broccoli and cauliflower, so far. I still have my collards and bell peppers I planted in April. I also ordered some seeds: purple top turnips, 3 types of carrots, savory and something else I can’t remember. 


My little chickens are doing very well. They’ve been singing! That is suppose to mean they will be laying soon.


I’d better get busy! Praise the Lord I’m feeling better today!


Getting ready for fall and winter, my favorite time of the year!


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Around the homestead and beyond…


picture-075.jpg picture-007.jpg

Old iron bedstead we had refinished.

A pot of collards fresh from the garden.

picture-012.jpg picture-013.jpg

Choctaw Indian Fair


“Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians”

picture-023.jpg picture-024.jpg

Native Crafts: Basketmaking


Pretty Carousel


One hundred year old store.

We had a very busy weekend traveling from one end of the state to the other, two days in a row…first northward, then south. It was raining on our trip to the coast, so I didn’t get any pics.

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