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can you help me out??

Okay…silly thing I need to know. I was looking at a ladies magazine in the doctor’s office a few months ago and noticed a book in a column about new books being released/book reviews…Okay I don’t know what magazine this was, or what month either! I just know the cover of the book they were promoting was pretty art, mostly green colors, with a woman lying on a bed with long blonde hair, the best I remember….The description said it was set in the South. That is what caught my eye…But I’ve forgotten all the other details. We went back to the doctor’s office, and I looked through every mgazine and couldn’t find this. Are there any of you ladies out there that subscribe to ladies magazines that might be able to thumb through and if you find it, give me the name and author?? I would be so appreciative!

I done the same thing last year, when I seen the prettiest decorating scheme in Southern Living magazine….It had one of my favorite colors-turquoise, in all of the rooms! I should have written it all down, but didn’t, on either occasion! I thought I would remember the details, but no….

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kitchen, tomatoes, broom trick, little dish soap apron…



  • *tomatoes from the garden to make salsa
  • *broom trick…my broom was warped?! so I wet it and placed this heavy pot full of water on it for a little while and now it is flattened again.
  • *cute little dish soap apron I found at a flea market…actually, the label said it was a “coke apron”….I bought 2 of them. It also had a strange looking carrier type thing sewn into 3 layers with 4 ties on it, with trianglular shaped pockets between the 3 layers…Anybody know what that might be? It matched the aprons, but we couldn’t figure out what is was, and it was a bit too expensive so I didn’t buy it.
  • *I’ve started gathering my blue and turquoise things for decorating the kitchen, and thought they looked cute in the kitchen window…
  • *A corner in my kitchen full of my aprons, and other vintage items such as Fiesta bowls, metalware cobbler pan, yellow rack of some sort with cup hooks on it.
  • *my only “tea set”…It is a “display only” set undoubtedly, as I figured this out when it started making a crackling sound when I poured hot water into it!

I’d best get busy with supper: grilled salmon, baked potaotes and salad…I’ll also start making my salsa tonight or in the morning? We’ve been at the doctor today. Our son has got thyroid problems and had some more blood tests run. This explains a lot of the problems he’s been having.

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curtains for bare windows…


I got started making some curtains for the kitchen, but underestimated the size (width), so I’m having to re-do them…hmm I should have climbed up on the chair and measured the window first! I can still use them for another window though, so I didn’t really waste the fabric! sigh….


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before and after

The kitchen isn’t completely finished but probably will be all we do for now

kitchenremodel-051.jpg kitchenremodel-034.jpg kitchenremodel-039.jpg


kitchenremodel-072.jpg kitchenremodel-075.jpg kitchenremodel-076.jpg


As soon as I clean up, organize and decorate, I’ll post more pictures!

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lookie, lookie!


We got the new flooring put in the kitchen today!


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As promised!

By the looks, you would think we haven’t gotten that far, but we have done the sheetrock, priming, painting, and varnishing. We’ve built cabinets, laid tile, sealed the grout lines, refinished the old cabinets, built a bar, all of this with lumber from our own trees! That means sawing, drying, planing, sanding, sizing, acclimating it all before it can be used for building…wheew! This lumber has been stacked in the house for AWHILE now…lol I’m happy that it is dwindling down….hopefully it will all be used up soon!

Okay…here are the pics! My son FINALLY gave me back my camera…LOL

 kitchenremodel-006.jpg kitchenremodel-007.jpg 

kitchenremodel-014.jpg kitchenremodel-012.jpg

We will paint a little more detailing on the cabinets…Get the floor done, place appliances, and two more sets of cabinets over the stove and by the fridge, then the hood and light fixtures and we’ll be done!!

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Let it snow?

Way down here in South MS—we got some snow Saturday morning! Not much, just enough to cover the windshield and roofs…the rest melted on the wet ground. It has been very cold for the past two-three days! Icy cold! Our baking element went out Saturday morning, and we were using it for heat along with our small fireplace, so it got really cold in the house…to beat that the house was full of smoke early this morning from the fireplace, and we had to open the doors for fresh air! It has a tendency to do that when the air is heavy and humidity is high. And also when the fire goes out there just isn’t enough heat to push the smoke up through the pipe. Anyway…The sun finally came out yesterday and today but it is still cold.

My husband varnished part of the cabinets today…smells yukky, but looks beautiful! Varnish has a way of bringing out the colors in wood, and the Tulip Poplar is especially pretty! So is the pine and cypress, but not as detailed as the Tulip Poplar.

We have 3 hens laying now, so we’re getting 3 eggs per day. I can’t believe they are doing so well in this cold weather. Usually they lay better in warmer weather and slack off in cold….But since it’s their first eggs, I guess anything is possible…LOL When they all start laying we’ll be getting around 5 dozen eggs per week! They are free-roaming, so the yolks are deep yellow….They say the eggs are more nutritious, less cholestrol when they free-roam….I know they taste good! By the way, I had to crawl under the corn crib to gather 6 eggs this morning….hmmm My husband said he would have loved to see me….hmph I’ll have him build the laying boxes soon???

We had the chance to browse through an antique store this weekend….I got some kitchen utensils…A spatula, deep fryer picker-upper-thingie, a metal strainer and a pecan chopper (the top that fits over a jar)….I found some pretty things too….But I’ll save them for another day and hope they’re there when I return??

One was a set of tea cups and saucers….not sure of the maker, but it had a Victorian man and woman on there. Sort of deep yellow and pink…Very fancy looking….and the cutuest little sugar/creamer on a tray…It looked like Old English Roses pattern. I could read it. Lots of pink vintage glassware, really any color your little heart desires!! They had colors grouped together on each table…Quite impressive like that! Oh and Pinkie? There were several framed “Pinkie’s” there. I think that’s what it’s called. A lady with a white dress with a flowing pink scarf.  I’ll have to Google it…I should have bought one for the bathroom…Oh well, I’ll get around to it later….It’s only a little ways up the road from here….We went on a Sunday ride to see the snow farther north from us.


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