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dressing femininely…

We have started our Pampering Pledges again at my Yahoo group (link in sidebar)!

We are having a different theme each week:

This week we are discussing “feminine dress”…

Come join us if this is of interest to you!

cotton flowery skirt pink top to go over tank top and skirt white jacket and white tank top 

I’m in love with some of the things at Cato…I found these four pieces on sale today! Not all on one rack, mind you…I had to search for matching pieces! 

Also found a couple more I would like to have when they go on sale!

My daughter sparked my interest when she wore the cutest pink checked skirt, and white top to church yesterday…so I just had to go check it all out!

It’s been a few months since I’ve been in there, and I’m regretful of not going more often to catch sales and new items! When items finally get to the sales rack they are limited as to the sizes available, and I’m always saddened when I really love something and can’t buy it to fit properly!! I’m so glad I found these today though!


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Travel in style with Aloette’s must-have beauty bag: the Pink Lady Makeup Bag & Brush Set!


75% off the Pink Lady Makeup Bag & Brush Set (retail $49.95) with orders $30 or more with code: LADY

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progress on apron


Just a little lace trim and it’ll be finished! I won’t be sewing with binding anymore if I can help it…LOL It is very tedious! It wants to slide from side to side when sewing it…

I also hemmed this skirt this morning.

I ALSO have plans to make a dish soap apron, a clothespin bag and some potholders later!

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These are the kind of leftovers I Fabric!




I’ve nearly completed the middle section of the apron. then I’ll work on the side pieces….this pattern is quite cute! I did do a little bit of my own designing here, as the pattern called for organdy where I have the gingham, and fabric where I have the lace panels….I had to do this because of the amount of fabric and lace I had leftover from the nightgown project. I just swapped where these went. I think it’ll work this way…


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It is finished! It is more tiring than I remembered doing sewing…I need to find my glasses too! I got a headache from straining to see, to do the slip stitches on the facing.

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almost finished!



After doing some adjusting to the tension and things, it started working with a minimum of noise…I now need to sew the side seams and put the facings in and hem it! I’ll sleep in this “tonight”!

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sewing projects

kitchenremodel-092.jpg patrn_inst_gown.jpg yoke_facings_gown.jpg

I found the cutest thing at the store! A skirt already made except for the seam down the back…Cheating really! LOL I got one for me and one for my granddaughter!

I was up til late last night trying to figure out how to do the yoke on my nightgown…The sewing instructions said to place wrong side of lace to right side of yoke…hmmmm For some reason I thought it meant right sides together—-with no instructions on when or how to turn it right! I was bumfuzzled to say the least until it occured to me, the right side of the lace would be showing already…LOL It’s been YEARS since I sewed using a pattern! I usually make clothes and other things “without” a pattern.

anyway, now that I’m over the hurdle, I’ll have my nightgown made in a jiffy! I also have a very cute apron I’m making!

I need to get busy if I’m going to do these projects before lunchtime.

The skirts are done, now to finish the gown and apron!

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