Chicken & Dressing


1 whole chicken (fryer or broiler) OR chicken backs, or pieces.
Cut chicken up in serving pieces, or have your butcher do this for you.

Boil chicken in 2 quarts of water.. Save broth, set aside chicken. OR Boil chicken backs or pieces, and debone.
In a VERY large mixing bowl I put about the equivalent of two large skillets of cornbread. Start adding these ingredients to the CRUMBLED cornbread:

• 2 cups celery chopped fine or blended.
• 1 cup of onion same as above.
• 1 large or desired amount of green or red bell pepper, same as above.

I always blend these 1st 3 ingredients together in the blender with a cup or 2 of water or broth added…Pour in bowl with cornbread.

Throw these ingredients in the bowl now:
• 2 tsp. poultry seasoning (opt)
• 1 tsp. black pepper more or less
• 2 tsp. Salt more or less
• Dash of red pepper (opt)
• 1 tsp. celery seed (opt)
• 6 raw eggs
• Enough broth to get the mixture moist…I would say about 6-8 cups…For a lighter broth, use half (3-4 cups) water, half (3-4 cups) broth.
• Stir well, pour into greased or buttered large (11×15) oblong baking dish or if you prefer as I do, 2 big iron skillets…
• Press chicken pieces with bone in (take fat off) into dressing OR use deboned chicken…Some women debone the chicken and mix in the bowl with other ingredients, I like it golden brown “on top” of the dressing…Sprinkle lightly with desired seasonings such as paprika, curry, black pepper.
• Bake at 375° until golden brown around edges, and on top…
NOTE: This is a very forgiveable dish, if you should see that it is too dry while baking…You can put it back in the bowl and add more broth…Or pour more broth on top. If it is too moist, just simply bake longer…If you should run out of broth, add a chicken flavored boullion cube (or 2 if you prefer it richer) to every couple cups of hot water. Serve with cranberry sauce.


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