all day singing and dinner on the ground…

Anyone remember these? Nowadays, they are inside an air conditioned building, so technically, these old-time gatherings are a thing of the past, in our area anyway…. But I am old enough to remember these! We even had an outdoor toilet at our church until about 1969…That’s when hurricane Camille came ashore and changed our lives here in the South! The old church was torn down soon afterwards, and a new brick church was built. I can remember the old church clearly…I walked about a half mile to the old church nearly everyday, and would practice the piano, until my mother bought one for us.

Years ago, we had cottage prayer meetings in different homes throughout the week prior to homecoming, and also revival the next week following homecoming. I could go on and on about the “good old days” but I’ll spare you…lol But these are very good memories for me!

Anyway, now we call it “after service lunch” and in our case tomorrow, “homecoming dinner”….We are celebrating our 123rd anniversary at our church tomorrow! I’m hoping to see some old friends, and also family members who attend church elsewhere now. I’m taking lasagna, a fresh veggie platter w/dip, potato salad, apple cake, and peach crumble. I’ll be up for awhile tonight cooking! We’ve been gone today and also had company this evening, so I’m getting a late start.   

Check out this link for more info on “all day singing and dinner on the ground”…

For anyone interested, here is the history of how our church was organized:

Prospect Church Charter
On July 31, 1885 Prospect Baptist Church was organized, when a small group of Baptist consisting of G. S. Draughn, Sister Flora Draughn, G. D. Draughn, Sister H. Jane Draughn, W. C. Lott, Sister M. M. J. Lott and J. E. A. Albritton, did “mutually covenant and agree to form themselves in to a church for the purpose of keeping up the ordinances of the Gospel and Godly discipline.”

This group agreed to unite themselves into a Gospel Church on the following principles:

“We covenant ourselves with each other that we will observe the ordinances of the Gospel as they are taught in the New Testament, that we will endeavor to keep a stated meeting of the Word and live together in peace and love. We will be faithful in the business meetings of the church, admonishing each other and excluding from our fellowship any member whose conduct proves him unworthy of church privilege. No law or resolution shall ever be passed or adopted for the government.”

J. D. Knight and J. W. Walters were present to aid in the organization of the church and finding it orthdox and in good order gave the members the right hand of fellowship, and after prayer announced it a Baptist Church.

The church was located on Tallahala Creek Swamp across the Mill Creek from Ralph Draughn home, on the south side of Highway 29.



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3 responses to “all day singing and dinner on the ground…

  1. Mrs. G,

    I too remember many “dinner on the grounds” ….. and all day singing…. see, my dad’s family was a southern gospel group and we would tour on the bus and go do those singings nearly every weekend while I was growing up….. good memories for sure!

  2. That’s neat! Would you mind sharing the name of their group? We had a place close to us for big sings, called South Mississippi Music Hall, in Runnelstown, MS (close to Hattiesburg) …They may have sung there.
    My dad, grandpa and uncle also sung together but this was back in the 40’s and 50’s….long before I was born. But it’s in the blood…lol My husband and I sing, but just locally.

  3. Mrs. G,

    When my Grandpa was alive they called themselves
    “The Lowell McGee Singers” but after he passed away they dropped his name and was known by “The McGee Singers” …… I really miss those days!


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