family reunion, baptism, putting up pickles and apples…


Hubby and stepfather…

Doctors gave my step-father only a few days to live——over 2 years ago! God healed him! PTL!

Granddaughter hating to have her picture taken, with hubby…

It’s strange how when kids reach “that age” they all of a sudden get camera-shy…


River of Life Church near Hattiesburg!

Grandson being baptized…There were about 150 or more people there…

VERY nice for a Wednesday night service in “these” parts! PTL!

About 10 being baptized, including an 85 year old woman and a young lady from Africa named “Faith”, who is attending college here at the University of Southern MS (USM), studying nursing.


Making pickles…Soaked in lime water, then rinsed, then soaked in ice water, then boiled them in vinegar, sugar, salt and pickling spices (I also added some dill seeds)…Packed in jars, filling with hot liquid, (sterilized jars, lids, and rings just before packing), then placed lids and rings on jars. Then jars are placed in boiling water bath canner and processed for 10 minutes for pint sized jars. Afterwards I tested the jars to make sure they were sealed properly…All 8 were good!

Recipe is on canister of Mrs. Wages Pickling Lime, I bought this at W-mart…


One of 8 jars of Old South Cucumber Lime Pickles.

Apples from my brother-in-law, to make a pie.

He said he thinks these are called “Anna” apples.

Formatting is a little crazy here…I had to re-do this post.




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2 responses to “family reunion, baptism, putting up pickles and apples…

  1. That is a fine looking batch of cucumbers. I love the colors in your rug. I can see brightly colored vintage dishes in your new kitchen!

  2. Thank you! YES! I would love that! I actually have a “few” Fiesta dishes in pink, turquoise and yellow..All I need now is RED….lol

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